Barbarians at and Inside the Gates – 16 November 2015

Muslims at their leisure launched another attack against the West in Paris, on Friday, the 13th of November.  Such attacks were predicted, certain really, as the West has allowed this violent strain of humanity inside its gates.  Most of its cult followers are more than inclined to follow the teaching of Mohammed in the fifth verse of the ninth Sura of the Koran rag which states, “fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every scheme.”

Polling of muslims who infest America usually yields fairly consistent results.  The most shocking opinion expressed by these muslims is that nearly 25 percent support suicide bombing.  That goes along with half wanting to see America subject to Sharia law, but can we expect anything different from this bunch.

The main stream media (democrat media) and liberal researchers usually inflate their numbers in order to increase their political and cultural importance (the same for homosexuals), but if we use their likely inflated number of about 7 million, then that means there may well be close to two million Bin Laden wannabees lurking in our nation.  Certainly liberals want to increase their numbers as fast as possible as they’re ready made allies in their war on America.

America’s founding religion and ethos tells us to love our neighbor, muslims are compelled by their religion to either kill, enslave or convert at the end of a gun barrel.  Islam is not simply a false Satanic religion, but it is a philosophy of conquest.  Mohammad, its lunatic founder, rose to prominence by waylaying caravans, then as his power and the size of his pirate gang grew, he eventually conquered the middle-east and from there all the way to Western India.

We ignore islam at our peril, it is dangerous because it is being enabled and aided by our domestic enemies, the democrats.  The democrat party is nothing more than an amalgamation of various disgruntled minorities, both real and imagined, who are being “harmed” by traditional American culture and values.  Think about it, the democrat party’s only appeal is to radicalized man hating silly women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals and other sexual deviants, girly men, environmental wackos, young people who are products of the liberal public education mills and their latest group, the muslims.

Democrats don’t even bother to make a pretense any longer of being a mainstream political party.  Of course, they claim to be the mainstream and their media constantly echoes that claim, but all evidence and polling indicates otherwise.  Only their incredible ability to lie and their reliance on their propaganda machines allow them to fool enough Low Information Voters to get elected in most areas of the nation.  The only play in the democrat play book is divide and conquer, ginning up hatred in the minds of its disparate groups that white conservatives are out to get them.  The “war on women”, “homophobia”, “islamophobia”, “racism” is just about all they have going for them.

Two of the groups, deviants and muslims, are interestingly polar opposites in most ways except they find their common ground in their hatred for American values.  Their value to democrats, aside from their voting and money, is that they enhance the democrats’ ability to assault and degrade the Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation.  In the democrat camp at this moment is a race to see who can advocate bringing in the most “Syrian refugees” with Hillary trying to outbid all of the others.  Diluting to the point that America is stripped of the cultural glue that holds it together is the goal of the democrat party.

The battle for the heart, soul and survival of America waged fiercely Monday, November 16th, as the democrats doubled down on their intent to bring as many savages as possible into our nation while the republican spines stiffened considerably.  19 states, all led by republican governors and one state, New Hampshire, led by a democrat called for no resettlement in their states.  Six governors, all democrats, proclaimed they welcomed “refugee” resettlement into their states.

Obama still has his own ban on allowing any true refugees from the war torn middle- east, the Christians, from entering the nation at all.  The Christians in these arab countries are being exterminated, targeted by all muslim sides of their civil war.

Obama, mouthing his usual nonsense (every time his lips move) today said it was “shameful” that our nation would have any sort of religious tests in considering these “refugees”, “That’s not American…That’s not who we are. We do not have religious tests to our compassion.”

Democrats don’t believe in the dangers of islam, in fact, as you know, they all refuse to use even the term “radical islam” (as if there’s any other type).  The administration maintains that any refugees resettled into our midst will be carefully screened and vetted.  This consists of two interviews with the “refugee” himself conducted by drones from the State Department and Homeland Security.

I can just imagine how these interviews go,

“Are you a terrorist?”   “Huhhhh, no”

“Have you ever been or do you plan to engage in terrorist activities?”       “Huhhh, no”

“What will you do to contribute to America?”      “I will be a good voter for democrats.”

“Excellent, welcome to America!”


“If you have a handful of people who don’t mind dying, they can kill a lot of people”, Obama said today, so just how many “handfuls” are going be imbedded into the tens of thousands of these “refugees” the democrats want in this country and their liberal European counterparts want in theirs?

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