The Democrats Advance by Hate

The root of the liberal belief system appears to be nurtured by hate and rationalization. Once a person is convinced to hate something or someone, there is the real tendency to believe everything bad about that thing or person and rationalize away anything good about it or him and further rationalize away the deleterious results of liberal polices and its belief system.

We see this played out continually in politics and how democrat voters react. We know the collapse of 2008 can be traced directly to democrat policy, we know that the Bush administration made several attempts to rein in the banks but couldn’t get past the democrat/Rino firewall. We know that Obama wasted a trillion dollars worth of goodies in TARP that he inherited from Bush. Yet, we still hear all the time that its “Bush’s fault”. Bush has been a great scapegoat for Obama and a convenient base for rationalization by the dolt democrats/liberals.

While we intellectually grasp and bemoan the state of our education system, I think we underestimate its effects. It churns out continually, graduates who are programmed to hate conservatism, hate traditional America and embrace liberalism and the democrat party. Allowing such a system to shape the minds of our young is arguably the greatest systemic problem we have. Or perhaps more correctly, it is the most open and visible result of the spiritual collapse of the nation. Liberal theology came first and paved the way for political and social liberalism. They all go hand in hand.

A child from an ungrounded godless home, bombarded for 12 to 20 years in an education system that continually inculcates the thoughts that America is an unfair, greedy and racist nation, that there is no real standard of morality, rather the individual can do what is right in his own eyes and have the right to do it will always have a default position to rationalize away reality, embrace the liberal solution and reject truth, conservatives and conservatism.

Add to this, the media, Hollywood, television, nearly all newsprint and just social peer pressure and there we have it, the perfect liberalized drones, incapable of rational thought, incapable of logically evaluating the world around him. All that’s necessary to keep these proles on the plantation is to offer views that at least sound half way plausible and attack, attack and attack conservatives and truth. Democrats are very good at this, there is no difference really than what they do and cult programming. That’s why the democrat party is a cult, a large one, but one just the same.

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