A Demon Sizing Hillary Up

o1  Scary


o2  Scarier


o3  Scariest

You may recall this scene from the Democrat National Convention when the two crazed lunatics both appeared on the stage at the same time.  The above pictures appeared in a number of conservative publications, most were intrigued by a very clear hole that appeared in Hillary’s tongue in close up, not shown above.

Then it began to dawn on many that there was a certain demonic appearance about these two.

One can virtually see the demon that possesses Obama measuring up his next residence.  I suppose I mean that somewhat half-heartedly, but in all honesty, it may well be absolutely true.  What Christian who truly believes God’s word could possibly deny the existence of demons?  Of Satan?  If the dark forces want to destroy humanity, corrupt them, drive them deeper and deeper into depravity and sin, who would be the most important person in the world to either greatly influence or actually possess?

I don’t think any biblical Christian actually believes Obama is a true christian despite his words to the contrary.  It really isn’t a matter of judging although some waffle on the point, its simply a matter of believing what God has to say a true Christian is.  Obama denies almost every point of biblical christianity.

During his life, what did he do that could open himself up to demonic influence if not outright possession?  A warped childhood under the influence of a family godless Marxists and “uncle Frank”?  His immersion into the drug culture? His infatuation with islam?  His pursuit of godless marxism in college and beyond and now his all out embrace of western “liberalism”?

The bible says we can know one by their fruits. Obama has been the nation’s number one high profile attack dog against biblical christianity and the true God.  Perverts using the girl’s room and lighting the whitehouse with the rainbow light, what more needs be said on this point?  Just because in our “modern” day of “enlightenment” we are being led to deny the supernatural and the existence and work of satanic forces doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are quite real. The scriptures teach that as the end times draw nigh demonic activities will increase.


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