The Radical Left

Blitzkrieg was the revolutionary military tactic that called for quick penetration of the enemy lines with armor and other motor vehicles with overwhelming air support to disrupt the enemy line, encircle and isolate pockets of enemy resistance and then destroy them. We know how well the concept worked as Germany conquered western Europe. Only the shear distances involved, over-confidence on Hitler’s part and likely divine intervention with a severe winter prevented the conquest of the Soviet Union.

Following WWII the Soviets embraced blitzkrieg in the military planning for taking western Europe if it came to it. Massive tank forces were to penetrate as far and as fast into Germany followed by mechanized infantry units to accomplish the same thing. Now, of course, it is the model for any advanced military.

Likewise, our liberals are using the exact same tactic in a political/cultural way. Push the envelope, advance far into a solid wall of American Traditionalism and break it apart. They have done this piecemeal with each area of “traditionalism”, yet there is unity of purpose, a desired end result and their tactics are winning, perhaps they have already won and we are merely the victims of the “infantry” mop-up operations.

Theological liberalism came first in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. By 1930 virtually every protestant denomination had either been conquered or seriously compromised. This led to political and cultural liberalism, the loss of absolutes, the rise of relativism, the embrace of godlessness and the era of big government to solve problems.

At the beginning of our downfall, the large picture may have been obscured. Many could not connect the dots as churches fell, a major political party turning leftward, entertainment and the arts becoming decadent and hedonistic. The amendments for taxation and the senators elected by popular vote under Wilson was the beginning. Liberal courts then began their remake of America beginning with FDR’s court, the expansion of the “commerce clause”, the Brown decision of 1954, removing God from the public square, abortion and on up to legalizing and promoting depravity with the perverts’ victories in the court in 2003 and 2015.

Toppling the education system to mold it to their will, to corrupt the young minds that had to pass through it was another master stroke, next to the corruption of the churches, the most important of all. All of our institutions that shape opinion, the churches, the arts and entertainment, the media and our schools once contributed to a common culture, Judeo-Christian. The enemy shattered their common base of how they portrayed America, individually conquering them and turning them against the nation as a whole.

Liberals behave now as if they’ve won because in many ways they have. We still put up stiff resistance. Our victories in retaking congress is proof of our viability, but the hour is late. Our congress, mostly staffed by weak ineffective leaders and members are clearly cowed by the enemy forces. Perhaps rightly so, if their only goal is to hold on to power. However, positions of power and the exercise of it are two different things. The fact that our leaders in congress cannot get in front of a camera and actually explain conservatism leads to only one of two possibilities, either they themselves don’t know what it is, or they are afraid to speak it.

Many people on our side hate Donald Trump, fearing he is nothing more than an opportunist, a charlatan, a New York moderate or even liberal tapping into anger to advance politically, conning tens of millions of concerned citizens. I fail to see the real proof that this is true. That he’s flawed, that he changed some positions over time is certainly true. He’s not my first choice, Cruz is, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Donald is going to be our standard bearer. I believe two things will motivate Trump, his own inner core and what the masses of patriotic Americans clamor for.

It has taken just about exactly a century for America to decline to the sad condition we witness today. I don’t expect our next president to bring in a new age of Aquarius in four years. It is not even necessary. All Trump has to do is stop the conquest by foreign invaders and appoint conservative judges. The former gives the democrat party its power and the latter advances the democrat agenda by judicial diktat.

I commented last week that Trump should announce his cabinet this summer, allow these men and women to have skin in the game and blanket the country be spokesmen for the cabinet. Show people who they are voting for. It was interesting that Hannity on the radio a couple days ago said the same thing. Was Trump’s statement last night about Ben Carson and education a preview of this?

The plain truth is that our nation’s main problem is not a political problem, that is merely a symptom. At the root of all of our problems is a spiritual problem and from that flows the immorality, the materialism, the relativism the decadence, the embrace of foolish politicians, that stains our nation. The oft quoted statement by Alexis De Tocqueville is still operative, “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”. This is where we are at today, his observation and his warning has proven to be true.

Last night, America was allowed to observe something quite common at our universities, a democrat brown shirt rent-a-mob comprised of Black Lives Matter (BLM, aka BoweL Movement), La Raza,  Bernie Sanders supporters, all instigated by (George Soros bunch) violently stopped a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.  Conservative speakers are routinely shut down at our universities by radical leftists.  Their tactics right out of the NAZI playbook.  Due to media black out, the average ignorant American citizen has no clue how oppressive the atmosphere at our universities are.  There is no dissent, it won’t be tolerated.  Last night they had a ring side seat in front of the television sets.  My prediction is that Trump will be the winner of this exchange.

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  1. Doing a quick calculation by hand on a sheet of paper, it looks to me like Trump will take this thing will relative ease. Maybe in a day or two I’ll do a more detailed analysis and double check my math. I agree that last night will benefit Trump. Most Americans still believe in free speech and don’t tolerate the sort of violence we saw from the democrat left last night in Chicago.

    Trump currently has 459 delegates. In the remaining winner take all, Trump will easily take IL, AR, PA, WV, CA, NJ and likely SD for a total of 484. Trump should win 60 percent from the non-winner take all states of MO, NC, UT, NY and NM for another 170 delegates giving him with this math 1,113. That leaves Florida and Ohio to consider.

    Trump should take Florida for another 99 which gives him, 1,212. Now, throw in remaining states which Trump may not win but could pick up significant delegates, WI, DE, RI, OR, and WA and Trump has well over 1,250 without Ohio. Personally, I believe Trump will take Ohio too, it will all be over then, not even a chance.

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