The Media Assault on Donald Trump

The latest liberal media attack on Donald Trump

22 December 2015

The Fiscal Times

What a Putz: Trump Drops to a New Low    by Rob Garver

Having found itself in the gutter some time ago, the Donald Trump campaign now appears intent on slithering its way down into the sewer itself.

Trump has learned over the past few months that the people who attend his rallies will cheer delightedly when he spouts barely-camouflaged racism, outright sexism and religious bigotry. Evidently, he’s decided to find out just how low his supporters’ bar really is when it comes to what kind of thing it’s acceptable for a presidential candidate to say.

The Republican frontrunner, in a campaign event in Michigan Monday, was weirdly fixated on the fact that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton took a bathroom break when commercials were aired during Saturday’s Democratic debate. No fewer than four separate times, Trump referred to Clinton’s leaving the stage….  (end quote)

The above just a sampling of a rather comical screed.  Liberals are beside themselves that their girl Hillary just can’t seem to get any traction going.  The fact they keep her hidden should tell us something, she simply isn’t electable on her own.  Destroying her opposition is about all they have in their bag.  The main point of this attack on Trump is that he was a low life scum bag for making fun of Hillary’s extended bathroom break.

This was a very weird article. First, I gave it a quick scan, attempting to catch on to whatever point the liberal nutjob author was trying to make. Not noticing anything that would indicate “Trump had dropped to a new low”, I scanned it a second time, more carefully and still was puzzled. Then I finally read the dumb thing carefully word for word to simply conclude that the author’s Trump Derangement Syndrome had entered Stage 4 and he was in critical condition.

Poking some fun at Hillary is perfectly acceptable. Hillary noted for her character assassination and personal destruction of the rape and molestation victims of her husband, noted for her serial lying- the sniper fire, Chelsea jogging around the WTC when it was attacked by Hilllary’s muslim friends (Chelsea was in bed at the time), named after Sir Edmund, etc.

If I was Trump, I would have concentrated my comedic comments to be about her chairman Mao outfits. It looks like it would take ten minutes just to peel herself out of one to actually use the bathroom.  If all of her radical feminist sycophants wore that outfit, rapes and assaults would plummet.

After having a little fun with the evil witch of the northeast, he turned very serious to comment on the lapdog liberal media. They rewarded his comments with this article we’re discussing now.