Why we have a Muslim Problem 20 November 2015


Our muslim problem is a self-inflicted one as western liberals have used the importation of muslims, as well as Hispanics, into our midst as a means of fracturing our American culture and homogeneity.  It’s a part and becoming a very significant part of the liberal war on American culture, conducted under the liberal banner of “multiculturalism”.  We’ve all heard the term, probably are sick of hearing it as its one of our liberal’s favorite terms.

Liberalism has advanced in our nation and the West as a whole by basically wearing out the normal average citizen.  By making the citizens so tired of hearing about this or that, that they finally tune it out and move on.  By now, who really cares all that much about “multiculturalism”?  Have most of our citizens finally thrown their hands up in the air and have concluded that, while America has become somewhat balkanized, divided into groups, there is still such an overwhelming single American culture that our multi-cultures do not pose all that much of a risk to our nation?

Choosing the on-line Encyclopædia Britannica website to lift a definition of “multiculturalism” we find –

Multiculturalism, the view that cultures, races, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups, deserve special acknowledgement of their differences within a dominant political culture. 

That acknowledgement can take the forms of recognition of contributions to the cultural life of the political community as a whole, a demand for special protection under the law for certain cultural groups, or autonomous rights of governance for certain cultures. Multiculturalism is both a response to the fact of cultural pluralism in modern democracies and a way of compensating cultural groups for past exclusion, discrimination, and oppression 

Most modern democracies comprise members with diverse cultural viewpoints, practices, and contributions. Many minority cultural groups have experienced exclusion or the denigration of their contributions and identities in the past. Multiculturalism seeks the inclusion of the views and contributions of diverse members of society while maintaining respect for their differences and withholding the demand for their assimilation into the dominant culture. 

Multiculturalism stands as a challenge to liberal democracy. In liberal democracies (classic definitions, not liberal democrats!!), all citizens should be treated equally under the law by abstracting the common identity of “citizen” from the real social, cultural, political, and economic positions and identities of real members of society. That leads to a tendency to homogenize the collective of citizens and assume a common political culture that all participate in.

However, that abstract view ignores other politically salient features of the identities of political subjects that exceed the category of citizen, such as race, religion, class, and sex. Although claiming the formal equality of citizens, the liberal democratic view tends to underemphasize ways in which citizens are not in fact equal in society. Rather than embracing the traditional liberal image of the melting pot into which people of different cultures are assimilated into a unified national culture, multiculturalism generally holds the image of a tossed salad to be more appropriate. Although being an integral and recognizable part of the whole, diverse members of society can maintain their particular identities while residing in the collective. 

Some more-radical multicultural theorists have claimed that some cultural groups need more than recognition to ensure the integrity and maintenance of their distinct identities and contributions. In addition to individual equal rights, some have advocated for special group rights and autonomous governance for certain cultural groups. Because the continued existence of protected minority cultures ultimately contributes to the good of all and the enrichment of the dominant culture, those theorists have argued that the preserving of cultures that cannot withstand the pressures to assimilate into a dominant culture can be given preference over the usual norm of equal rights for all.


The “culture war” that rages inside our borders is between the traditionalists who value traditional American Culture and the democrat party that deploys multiculturalism as a weapon to destroy it.  Logic dictates that if liberals win this battle, America will no longer be America, but rather a nation divided into irreconcilable groups seething with rage.  Liberals/Socialists/Democrats (LSDs) have been playing this divide and conquer game for several decades now and their assault on America has culminated with the two elections of Obama.  Whether America is lost remains to be seen, but we must grasp the fact that it is in critical condition.

Obama is not a product of the real world, but of radical academia.  Our colleges and universities are staffed by liberals, overwhelmingly.  More than 70 percent identify as liberals, less than 10 percent, conservatives.  The “elite” schools are even worse, 96 percent of the Harvard faculty vote for democrats.  Our schools have gone mad, where wild anti-white racism and anti-Americanism run rampant as we’ve noted this past week at several college campuses across America.

The education system has spent at least the last two generations bringing us to the point where we are today, where blacks, especially, are currently rioting on several campuses screaming “black lives matter”, intimidating and actually engaging in physical violence.  Now “racism” and “micro-aggressions” are discovered under every rock or turn of the page.

Going hand in hand with multiculturalism is “Political Correctness”, which means any speech must be such that it cannot be perceived as negative toward a minority group.  It’s not politically correct for instance, to say that nearly 80 percent of all violent crime is committed by blacks, or to say that homosexuals are up to 14 times more likely than the general population to commit suicide, or up to 7 times higher for alcoholism, or 19 times higher for drug abuse, or that the queer men make up 76 percent of our population with aids.  Near identical statistics used to be put out by our CDC until it became politically incorrect to do so.  The statistics just stated were from the Canadian Healthcare System report of earlier this year.

Rape, murder and other violent assaults on white European women by the muslim invaders in their midst dominates crime statistics from Europe.  There’s no use in repeating in this posting what you can easily find yourself on the internet.  Our main stream media, i.e. the democrat media has no intention of ever revealing the carnage and destruction that muslim invaders are wrecking in Europe because they actually want the exact same thing to take place here in America.  Obama and his crowd are dedicated to destroying American culture and islam is tailor made to be the wrecking crane to conduct this deconstruction of America.

However, just to spur you on to become an informed citizen, type in “muslim rape and assault statistics in Europe” in a search engine and read away.  Two quick examples are as follows:

In 2012, it emerged that over a thousand mostly white young girls in the northern England town of Rotherham were systematically groomed, trafficked, beaten and sexually abused by rape gangs consisting of mainly Pakistani Muslim men. A report released earlier this month confirmed that the local Labour government council and the police covered up this horror because they were afraid of being characterized as racist or politically incorrect. 

For over 15 years, criminal rape gangs were protected by the authorities because of their foreign ethnicity. Meanwhile, young girls were being beaten and raped, then ignored, labeled liars and left defenseless because they were white… 

Crime rates broken down by nationality in Denmark show that individuals from Muslim countries make up eight of the top nine places on the list. In addition, 2012 figures show that Somalis were sentenced for crimes, including innumerable sexual assaults, almost ten times more often than those with Danish citizenship. 

Indeed, more than half of all convicted rapists in Denmark have an immigrant background, according to official statistics, despite the fact that immigrants and their descendants account for less than 10 per cent of the population. “Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis are dramatically overrepresented among convicted rapists in Denmark,” reports BT.dk. 

When Lars Hedegaard, the President of the Danish (and International) Free Press Society, drew attention to these shocking statistics, he wasn’t hailed by feminist groups for shedding much needed light on the matter, he was found guilty of “hate speech” under section 266b of the Danish penal code… 

Since it embraced multiculturalism in 1975, Sweden has become the rape capital of the west, with only the tiny African nation of Lesotho recording more sexual assaults. 

Rapes in Sweden have skyrocketed by a shocking 1,472% since the mid-70’s, with 6,620 sexual assaults being reported to police in 2014 compared to just 421 in 1975. 

“77.6 percent of the country’s rapists are identified as “foreigners” (and that’s significant because in Sweden, “foreigner” is generally synonymous with “immigrant from Muslim country”), writes Selwyn Duke. “And even this likely understates the issue, since the Swedish government — in an effort to obscure the problem — records second-generation Muslim perpetrators simply as “Swedes.”… 

In Norway, almost half of all rapes committed in Oslo in 2011 were carried out by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin, despite the fact that Muslim immigrants only represent 1.5-2 per cent of the population.In addition, 100 per cent of aggravated rapes involving physical violence were committed by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin. 

Leftist political leaders responded to the figures by absolving “traumatized asylum seekers” of blame and instead pointed fingers at police for encouraging “xenophobia and prejudice” merely for reporting the statistics…(Infowars – Feminists Mute on Muslim Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe, February 19, 2015)


From the website “digitaljournal.com” March 20, 2013, we read: 

Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press

High profile-gang rapes in India have been in the headlines since December. The phenomenon is growing across Europe too, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators hich makes it politically incorrect to mention.

In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund. Reports stated “The rape was oral, anal and vaginal sometimes with three rapists inside her at the same time while everybody was cheering and clapping. The gruesome rape marathon lasted for 7 hours. 11 suspects may have been involved taking turns while drinking and getting high on drugs. The asylum seekers were cheering and clapping their hands during the rape marathon while calling the victim “whore” and “slut”.”  


And the democrats want to import this into America.  They appear to be gearing up for their final assault on America to at last conquer it and turn it into a socialist hell hole where they, our enlightened master will hold all of the power.

“We are not a nation that delivers children back into the hands of ISIS murderers because some politician doesn’t like their religion,” she continued, “and we are not a nation that backs down out of fear.”  Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor 11/17/2015

“…we should increase numbers of refugees. The administration originally said 10 (thousand). I said we should go to 65, but only if we have as careful a screening and vetting process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes.”  Hillary Clinton during the democrat debate 11/14/2015, one day after the Paris, France slaughter!!

“Apparently, they (Republicans) are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,” the president said. “At first they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of 3-year-old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”  Barack Hussein Obama

We might be inclined to say that these democrat leaders are simply fools, divorced from any sense of reality, but are they?  Or do they have an agenda?  Their agenda is to complete the final destruction of America as any sort of cohesive nation.  Their agenda is to destroy traditional American culture and turn it into a nation, a multi-culture incapable of rallying around a set of central principles.  This is what Obama meant by his “transformation” of the nation, and the democrat party, like children, following the Pied Piper are nearly all on board with this.

At the beginning of this article we read the definition of Multiculturalism.  Look at the emphasized phrases, “special acknowledgement of their differences …demand for special protection under the law… autonomous rights…compensating cultural groups for past exclusion, discrimination, and oppression…seeks the inclusion of the views and contributions of diverse members…diverse members of society can maintain their particular identities while residing in the collective…special group rights… preference over the usual norm of equal rights for all”. 

Whether, radical silly women who hate men, homosexuals and other deviants, blacks, hispanics, girly boys or muslims, the democrat coalition advances all of these trademarks of multiculturalism and political correctness.  The media refuses to identify minorities as perpetrators, instead simply calling them “youths”.  Texas police authorities are now identifying Hispanics as “white” to skew statistics.  Muslim attacks in America are never identified as racially or religiously motivated.  Instead some instances are classified as “work place violence” while others prompt a call for some psychological evaluation because the authorities can’t figure out why little Mohammed went nuts and killed some whities.

As we consider the condition of the muslim invasion of Europe and its consequences as touched on above, we must realize that what is happening there is the democrat blueprint for America’s.

There was an article on the Americanthinker.com website on 11/20/2015, entitled “Europe’s Scoffing its way to Annihilation”, written by Andrew Longman.  He observed that

Europe is convinced – utterly – of the superiority of its civilization.  Europe today has no questions.  It “knows” there’s no God.  It knows that socialism in a secular liberal democracy is supreme.  It knows that atheistic science is the only science allowed to be done.  It knows that wanton sex isn’t just a right, but an entertainment industry orthogonal to morality.   

It knows that abortion is a shrug of the shoulders and… the continent “knows” that religion is a thing of the past.  And it knows that the march towards dissolution of personal sovereignty, national sovereignty, is an inevitable fact of evolution, evolution being the unquestionable god of all things. 

And all that evidence-free fundamentalist secular-liberal certainty is becoming Europe’s complete undoing…Europe has no knowledge that it is psychologically programmed to be indifferent to God… And so this is how Europe dies – obediently, collectively.  The Muslims enter, wild and uncontrolled, individuality as a suicide bomb, caring not for exalted systems.  Burn it; Europeans can’t grasp the euro disobeyed.  Europe can’t grasp dying for God, while Islamists lust for it…

Sooner or later, they think, the Muslims will figure out that a highly paid job at Bosch with state health care, state college education, state direction for your life, unlimited access to state-approved hookers, state certification and training for your every impetus – that this will somehow be honey so compelling that all these little passions about Islam will leave the head, and drugged up drones will trot off to precision assembly training.  Europe’s belief is the unsupported presumption of universal atheism… 

 But there’s no force in Europe’s bucolic Animal Farm.  Muslims believe in force – they make babies, they make war, they make demands, and they use whatever violence they have to weaponize all those things.  Europe does not make babies, does not make war, does not make demands on Muslims.  Instead, Europe purses its brow and wonders how long the realization of European superiority will take to dawn in the mind of the Ummah.  Europe de-weaponizes everything; Muslims sneer, shrug, and reload.” 


Our American liberals are of the same mold as their European counterparts.  All are functional atheists, regardless of their claims otherwise.  Hillary, as a sop for the little people, trots out her Methodist upbringing.  Obama made much of his two decade attendance at Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology church until the veil was lifted exposing the church and its theology for what it was, Marxism and anti-Americanism disguised as religion.

LSDs always in presenting their case trot out “individuals”.  In every large group there are almost always all sorts of individuals because a group is made up of individuals (duh).  Were there decent Nazis?  How about Nazi party member Oskar Schindler?  We all know that story, largely thanks to the movie Schindler’s List.  Here’s one you may not have heard of, Albert Goering.  Yes, Hermann’s brother. An interesting story on the UK Daily Mail of April 8, 2010 tells us a tale of this man who worked to save Jews, not exterminate them.  While not a Nazi party member, Albert was “Nazi royalty” due to his brother,  but worked against them and his brother actually protected him.

“Standing before the war crimes investigators, the German prisoner hung his head.  It was May, 1945 and he was being held at the U.S. Army’s interrogation center in Augsburg, Bavaria.            

A soldier marked his name off on a list: Goering.  

But this was not Hermann Goering, Hitler’s right-hand-man; Commander of the Luftwaffe and architect of the Holocaust – ‘the final solution’.  

No, Hermann Goering waited down the corridor in cell number 5. The man who stood here, defending himself against a charge of complicity with the Nazi regime, was Hermann’s brother, Albert.  

Surely, his guilt too, was beyond doubt.  But lifting his head, Albert Goering told the investigators an extraordinary story.  He said that he had used his family name – by now synonymous with evil – to help innumerable Jews escape the clutches of the Gastapo.  

Risking his own life, he had saved old Jewish ladies from being humiliated by Nazis in the street and set up money-smuggling syndicates to spirit refugees across the border.  Most daringly of all, he had driven to a concentration camp and convinced guards to load hundreds of Jews into trucks before driving them to freedom.  Three times he had evaded Gestapo arrest warrants. 

The tale he spun was one of heroism, espionage and audacity.  The investigators looked at each other incredulously…The man before them was, after all, Nazi royalty thanks to his high-ranking brother.  Surely this was a desperate ploy to whitewash the death penalty…Undeterred, Albert handed his interrogators a list of 34 names written across five sheets of paper – people he had personally rescued.  The list would eventually secure his freedom, for Albert Goering was indeed the heroic man he described. 

Now his story is told for the first time in a book, Thirty Four, by William Hastings Burke.”

Interestingly despite being exact opposites politically and even humanly, both men, “in this private world…remained devoted brothers”.  Hermann saved Albert’s life several times after being captured by Nazi authorities and quashed arrest warrants put out by the SS.

“Hermann would later tell an American psychiatrist from his Nuremburg cell: ‘Albert was always the antithesis of myself.  He was not politically or militarily interested.  He was quiet, reclusive.  I like crowds and company.  He was melancholic and pessimistic and I am an optimist.  But he’s not a bad fellow, Albert.’ “ 


The issue isn’t the individual that democrats may trot out to convince the world the muslims or any member of any group for that matter may not be “a bad fellow”.   Any rational and fair minded American values the contribution of individuals from all races and most religions that comprise our citizenry.  The issue is the group, it’s all a matter of statistics.  25 percent of younger muslims in America according to reliable polling have no problem with suicide bombing.  About 40 percent of Pakistanis approve of suicide bombing attacks against Americans.  83% of “Palestinians” approve, 62% of Jordanians, 42% of Turks, about 30% of Egyptians, etc.  Ten percent of native born “American” muslims have a favorable opinion of Al-Qaeda (how about ISIS?).  All across the islamic world, America is viewed by a startlingly high percentage of muslims to be destroyed.

Let’s be conservative and say that 33 percent of all muslims hate America and what it stands for.  Would you buy a car that the manufacturer has put out a warning on that one of three of their new models at the car lot will explode unexpectedly at some point soon after driving it off the lot?  Yet, LSDs want to bring in millions of muslims of which is an element, a significant element, that will never assimilate, has no desire to assimilate or even accommodate and will always work against the interests of America.

While we cannot with any certainty predict the actions of an individual, we can with certainty predict the actions of a group.  90 percent of blacks, or even higher of in the case of Obama, vote for democrats, 60 to 70 percent of Hispanics vote democrat, 70 percent of muslims vote democrat.  Is it any wonder democrats are hell bent on importing as many of these ethnic groups as possible?

Traditional Americans have thoroughly rejected the atheistic socialism of the democrat party.  LSDs have been harvesting the lush fields of the third world to find enough voters to outnumber normal Americans.  These third worlders will trade off their own religious and moral values for the relative wealth promised to them by the democrats taken from productive Americans.

If you think liberals are bad enough in wanting to destroy all of the symbols of our Judeo-Christian heritage and beliefs in America, wait until the muslim population grows just a bit more.  Liberals whine and take you to court before a like-minded liberal judge to get his way.  Muslims will simply attack you, rape your women folk and burn your house down.

No, “president” Obama, republicans and concerned American citizens aren’t afraid of three year old Syrians (well, not until they grow up), we’re afraid of the millions of muslims your party wants to import for the purpose of destroying our culture.  We’re afraid of the day when a “presidency” such as yours is the norm, not an aberration.

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