Liberal Assault on our Freedoms

On this page are some quotes from very good articles found on the web worth reading as well as comments on recent news.

Obama went to a Baltimore Mosque, noted as a hotbed of radical Islamic activity.  A Washingon Post article describing Obama’s visit in glowing terms stated –

“…The president often sounded like a concerned parent, worried for the country he leads as it prepares to replace him in a presidential election marked by inflammatory and anti-Islamic rhetoric. ..”

Obama is always quick to praise islam and its contribution to America.   Obama reminds us that we often forget the anti-Federalist papers written by Mohamed Hassan and that it was the 1st Mass Jihadis who routed the British at Lexington. We often think the roll of material at the back of American cavalrymens saddle as a blanket, when it truth those were prayer rugs. The constitution was based on the Koran, not the Bible as revisionists would have you believe.

It was John Quincy Adams who said, “The hope of a muslim is inseparable from his faith. Whoever believes in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures must hope that the religion of allah shall prevail throughout the earth.”

Its good that Obama remind us of our Islamic heritage, we will only survive as a nation if we truly return to our founding roots.


…”The EU’s seemingly suicidal policy deliberately aims to dilute the percentage of ethnic Europeans in their native countries, to empower the new Franco-German capital in Brussels. This is exactly what Otto von Bismarck did in the 1800s to destroy the provincial capitals of German-speaking Europe, and to centralize all power in one Reich in the Prussian capital of Berlin. Fanatical German nationalism, xenophobia and militarism in the 20th century were a direct product of Bismarck’s imperial unification policy.

Which is why the EU’s kleptocracy can actually destroy the economy of southern Europe without triggering a voter revolt. The elite has knowingly imported more than 50 million Muslims from the tribal backwaters of Pakistan and the Middle East, to serve as welfare voters for Eurosocialist parties, especially in capital cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin. The EU has also imposed the mass-media cult fantasy of Political Correctness over its colonial peoples; and it has been nice enough to export PC to the United States by way of our Eurosocialist universities.

By now normal voters in Europe are so far removed from the center of power that they’ve basically given up. They are utterly powerless, because they will be scapegoated as Nazis if they ever rebel against the new Ruling Class. By now they are used to following orders, just like the olden times.

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“…Let’s look first at the issue of truth. I say we wimped out because it is much easier, at least for a while, to whitewash all controversies and claim that truth is so flexible that it can take any shape we want it to. If we assume that truth is merely a human construct, we can claim that it comes in thousands of differing colors and sizes, tailor made to fit any need. Thus we avoid having to discern differences, make moral judgments, or stand up for anything. We can act superior to those who still see vast chasms between belief systems and we claim “open-mindedness” utterly unaware of the meaninglessness of that term.

If nothing is really true, then there’s no reason to knuckle down and learn anything, no reason to think very hard, no reason to amass facts –- we suspect they’re not true anyway. I am dumbfounded by the ignorant assertion that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. A person doesn’t have to know, can’t know, anything much about either belief and make that statement. In an untruthful world ignorance is not only bliss, it is the inescapable condition.

If nothing is ever true, then differences don’t exist and moral issues fade into quaint historical oddities and we needn’t trouble ourselves about anything except a failure to accept this new credo. Contradictory as it may seem, that is the absolute.

You see, if one decides against absolute truth, one decides against logic; it is, after all, a self-refuting logical impossibility to say, “There is no such thing as absolute truth.” And what happens when a society decides to ignore the nonsense factor and base its “thinking” on such a floppy foundation? Insanity is what happens…”

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“America is Barack Obama’s prey. He is tearing America apart and feeding the pieces of her life to his foreign and domestic fellow travelers. He is not transforming the nation but terminating it…

Obama is destroying America overtly and covertly. By promoting policies which are normalizing harmful drugs, undermining the natural family, and generally promoting moral chaos he slyly increases the number of subdissonant Americans, people too ill or distracted to care. He has brainwashed or bought off virtually the entire government including the Republican establishment. A noble people who years ago would have resolved dissonance by believing in America’s goodness and standing firm against tyranny no longer do…”
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-Go to bing or google and search for “60 Hard Truths about liberals”I don’t know who wrote them, but they’re right on the money.


“…We sit dumbfounded while supposedly “serious” people discuss whether or not a man should be woman of the year.  We watch our military turn into a downsized, feminized,  homosexualized, transgendered social experiment while China and Russia sharpen their bayonets.  Islam happily tells us that they will cut all our heads off when they get here and our President helps them get here.  All this is too bizarre to even be called Kafkaesque, this is the twilight zone…

This is not Sweden and the American left are not benign social democrats.  These are the violent heirs of Lenin and Stalin and they are out for blood, ours.  Their objective is the destruction of the middle class and the imposition of top down tyranny, it always has been.  They will enlist Islamic terrorism, race war, class envy and any other deadly tool to achieve the destruction of hated Amerika.  These nihilists care nothing about their people or their civilization, only their warped worldview.  You need look no further than at our president’s mentors, the misbegotten, hate filled spawn of the 1960’s anti-war movement who now run your government and your life…

Code words such as “populist,” “southern,” “redneck,” “nativist” and “racist” all mean white Middle America and their culture — the tough minded Scots-Irish traditions of honesty, hard work, honor, patriotism, and military ferocity.  This is the left’s nemesis, what they hate and fear the most.  These characteristics that for 150 years powered the ascendency of America are being dangerously corroded by a toxic mix of “white guilt,” “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” welfare, and an education system that that actively suppresses knowledge, especially historical knowledge…”

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