The Media Keeps Hillary Propped Up

Does anyone think the media are overplaying their hand in their zeal to see Hillary Clinton as our next president?  They’re actually embarrassing themselves, but their foolishness may work to Trump’s advantage, as the only institution in America with a lower approval rating that the U.S. Congress is our fourth estate, the press.  It has reached a point now, that whoever or whatever they’re cheering for has the opposite effect of driving most Americans to the contrary position, whether the global warming hoax they advocate for or the presidency of Hillary Clinton.

I’ve come up with a new name for RINOs who run at the first sign of trouble, they’re the “LGBT Brigade” in Trump’s army.  These weasels pay lip service to supporting Trump but jump on whatever liberal bandwagon that comes along as it assaults Trump.  These poor RINOs just can’t get a break.  On one hand they really don’t want to alienate the majority of Americans, yet on the other they crave positive attention from the liberal press.  In presidential election years, there’s just no middle ground for them.

Anyone who has ever been in the military, myself included, or any rational American knows that homosexuals and other deviants are just taking up space in the military, being used as liberal pawns as they attempt to reengineer the military after their own vision to be weak, incoherent and ineffectual.  The deviant bunch are all in favor of military service as long as they can get every accommodation they want and draw a very generous paycheck for doing very little.  RINOs play a similar part in the republican party, they take up space as they ride in the wagon and neither push nor pull.

What we have witnessed over the past week has been a brilliant psychological operation played out with near perfection by the democrat party.  The republican national convention was generally well received by the American people and Trump was presented as a very capable candidate.  Cruz did some damage with his treachery, but all in all, Trump had a very good week.

The democrat convention, not so much.  It started off with Moochelle giving her speech to start off the prime time coverage whining about living in the Whitehouse that slaves built and it went downhill after that.  For those with the stomach to watch it, mothers of dispatched thugs, including the mothers of Obama’s adopted son Trayvon and sweet cuddly big Mike Brown unbelievably had their turns at the democrat podium.  Obviously, the democrats were positioning themselves well on the side of the Black Thugs Matter movement and stand in opposition to our nation’s law enforcement and law and order itself.

Do you realize that democrats are glorifying black thugs whose “killers” were exonerated in front of a jury or cleared by determined (to see them hanged) prosecutors overseen by a radical DOJ out for cop’s blood? What they are saying is that the overall society is responsible for their deaths, i.e., “white” society is responsible for their deaths.

Did you, perchance, convince Obama’s son, sweet Trayvon to jump the “white” hispanic and start bashing his head against the concrete? Did any of you talk lovable teddy bear “L’il” Mike Brown to strong arm a defenseless much smaller white kid as he robbed his store? Did you encourage “L’il” Mike to assault the cop and attempt to disarm him?

Failing and failed black “youth” only have two things to blame for their plight, themselves and their community. Only 30 percent have their father at home, their peers make it almost impossible for them to act “white”, that is to say, civilized, to obey rules, to study in school, to aspire to make anything out of themselves over than thugs.

What the democrats are glorifying should be condemned. Excusing criminal and thuggish behavior only creates more of it. We do need “law and order” and no, that’s not racist, that’s just what everyone else with some desire to be productive citizens engage in and advocate.

The crowning achievement of the DNC was the ploy to have Khizr Khan speak and attack Donald Trump for wanting to prevent unvetted muslims from entering our nation, the same unusually violent strain of muslim that killed his very son.

The last two weeks tells a tale of two political parties and one media.

Four Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya in a most foul way by islamic butchers.

The day after that Hillary informs spawn Chelsea and the leader of Egypt that it was a terrorist assault.

A few days after that Hillary promises the mothers of those slain in Libya that a nobody made a movie critical of Mo and that the government would take any and all measures to make sure he pays.

Days and weeks after that, obama, Hillary, Susan Rice and other administration clowns continued the lie about the “movie maker”.

Much later, just recently, Hillary now calls the “gold star” mothers of those slain in Benghazi, liars, claiming she never told them that, that they “misunderstood”. The media yawns and gives about 70 seconds coverage to these suffering mothers.

The Khan’s son was an officer in the U.S. Army and was blown up in Iraq by savage killers in 2004.

More than a decade later, Khan, a Pakistani, radicalized by way of Saudi Arabia, now a citizen of the United States starts a political organization to facilitate muslim immigration and further to strongly “encourage” them to vote democrat.

Mr. Khan is invited to give a speech at the DNC in order to pound Trump who only wants to keep unvetted muslims from Sharia compliant nations out until “things can be figured out”.

Khan, obviously totally ignorant of the constitution, other than it is a little booklet he can lift up as a prop, declares that the United States must have open borders according to the constitution, that the rest of the world has a constitutional right to pile in on us. He criticizes Trump for attempting to save the nation from the very sort of savage that killed his son.  The mothers get 70 seconds of media coverage following their speeches, Khan has received countless hours so far and still counting.

Hillary now calls some “Gold Star” mothers liars, Trump merely wants to keep safe all Americans, including the muslims who are here.

No one criticizes Hillary, but Trump is being pilloried from all sides 24/7. Why is that?

The answer of course, is that democrats want millions of muslims in our midst in order to harvest their violence and hatred of Christianity and focus it on the continued destruction of American culture.  Obama, Hillary, democrats and several RINOs keep talking about allowing tens of thousands more of these unvetted muslims from the middle east into our country.  Do you realize that we could keep 12 muslims safe in their own regions, in safe zones if we would only create them, for what it costs to bring just one to our shores?

This isn’t rocket science.  It’s just plain old common sense.  America does not need a single muslim in our country in order to improve itself.  Democrats are diluting America on purpose.  Traditional, constitution and freedom loving Americans have long rejected the democrat message.  Now it is only being supported by their minorities who’ve they convinced to hate America and our own youth who are being programmed in the democrat “education” mills.

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