The Senate Must End the Filibuster

Governor Walker has called for the senate to scrap the filibuster and he is absolutely correct. We know our democrats and despite their now soothing words of reconciliation, we know that beginning January 20th, they will act totally as a fifth column and will attempt to thwart Trump and the republicans at every turn.

Politically, this represents our best chance and perhaps our last chance to save the republic as some semblance of what it once was. The flow of import democrat votebots must stop and a conservative court may be truly possible for the first time in our lifetimes to push our culture back from the edge of oblivion.

Rest assured, the democrats will fight everything, even popular things and their media will twist and lie to frame every republican idea as evil and from the fringes of civilized thinking.

Ending the filibuster and ramming through just energy initiatives and ending regulations and law that allow rogue agencies like the EPA to create regulations never intended by the original laws is a must. Just think, energy alone could rescue the economy of this nation.

ANWR, fracking, coal and the proper use of natural gas could be worth several trillion dollars a year to our economy. Enough to balance the budget, even give us a healthy surplus, put millions to work in high paying jobs and deprive our muslim enemies of western cash, or at least American cash.

Democrats will fight to prevent the wall, it will fight to do away with Obamacare and insist that republicans merely “fix it”. They will oppose any first rate conservative judge. We shouldn’t have to look for one with a thin paper trail in order to squeeze one through. Of the last two, Alito is stellar, Roberts a mixed bag.

The filibuster prevents drastic changes, especially any drastic conservative changes (usually hardly any conservative changes at all) and that is what is desperately needed right now. We have four years to turn this ship, not just coast along with a few feel good measures with no real lasting import. It does us no good to simply delay four or 8 years what Hillary would have brought upon us right now.

Trump won for one reason, there were enough real Americans who care about what is going on in our nation, who understand our near terminal condition, who desperately want change, who desperately want to save America and return it to its traditional, constitutional, Judeo-Christian roots.

America could have been pronounced dead on November 8, 2016 with a Clinton victory. Instead we got a reprieve, a window of opportunity from 2016 to 2020 and hopefully 2024. Let’s don’t blow it. Let’s make America great again.

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