Resistance if Futile

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Part of the psychological war that liberals have waged for a century involves weakening philosophical resistance to the point that only token resistance is offered. We see this all the time.

For instance, conservatives pay lip service to opposition to abortion, yet none really believe abortion will ever be ended. Congress funds the eugenicists at PP, life goes on (unless you’re aborted). Our “supreme” court oligarchs also decided decades ago that the nation really didn’t need God, the nation was much better off getting off this “opium” addiction and moving onto modernity.

Judge Roy Moore made the headlines again yesterday for refusing to leave the Alabama supreme court building after being told to do so after being removed from office for taking a stand for God against the agenda of Sodom and Gomorrah. While he definitely “laid up” more treasures in heaven, not so much here on earth. He embodies the teaching of Christ that the world hated him and that it would hate Christ’s believers. Have millions of American Christians or even moral sympathizers hit the streets in Alabama with torches and pitchforks?

The point is that “resistance is futile” it would seem. The liberal agenda continues on with an ever quickening pace.

The nation now seems numbed to moral perversity, although there still a little starch left it against the perversity of allowing perverts to go into the little girl’s bathroom or pervs showering with the girls. Yet, this may well simply devolve into ignoring the federal mandates and laws rather than actually opposing them.

The nation may well be numbed already to this pressing health care issue. The nation may well have moved on from this battle following the heated engagement of 2010, resistance appears shallow. Americans are such that they tire easily of controversy. The republicans will be expected to “fix” Obamacare, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Can you picture our RINOs actually standing strong against the withering criticism of the democrats and their media? I can’t.

If Hillary wins, the republican response will simply be, “well, the people have spoken, Clinton is president and the people therefore want more and more government, who are we to stand in their way?” It will be easy for them to rationalize after the media trots out one sad sack sob story after another of suffering Americans who need immediate relief, immediate government action to “save” their healthcare.

That long term, you wait 6 months for a life saving operation that causes your death before it takes place, or you basically stay at the hospital to tend to your loved ones, bringing them food and drink from McDonalds, or you go home to spend your remaining months on pain killers instead of real corrective treatment really won’t affect their thinking, that’s too long term. The short term goal will be to do “something” and get the media off their backs.

If hillary wins, don’t look for a republican congress to save the day, they’ve given up their constitutional “check” and “balance” on the other two branches years ago. They’ll insist that we must wait now another four years in hopes of capturing the whitehouse, except the next time they actually might support the republican nominee if he’s not too much of a boat rocker.

Liberalism is the disease, I am the Cure