Resistance is Futile

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Part of the psychological war that liberals have waged for a century involves weakening philosophical resistance to the point that only token resistance is offered. We see this all the time.

For instance, conservatives pay lip service to opposition to abortion, yet none really believe abortion will ever be ended. Congress funds the eugenicists at Planned “Parenthood”, life goes on (unless you’re aborted). Our “supreme” court oligarchs also decided decades ago that the nation really didn’t need God, the nation was much better off getting off this “opium” addiction and moving onto modernity.

Judge Roy Moore made the headlines again yesterday for refusing to leave the Alabama supreme court building after being told to do so after being removed from office for taking a stand for God against the agenda of Sodom and Gomorrah. While he definitely “laid up” more treasures in heaven, not so much here on earth. He embodies the teaching of Christ that the world hated him and that it would hate Christ’s believers. Have millions of American Christians or even moral sympathizers hit the streets in Alabama with torches and pitchforks?

The point is that “resistance is futile” it would seem. The liberal agenda continues on with an ever quickening pace.

The nation now seems numbed to moral perversity, although there still a little starch left it against the perversity of allowing perverts to go into the little girl’s bathroom or pervs showering with the girls. Yet, this may well simply devolve into ignoring the federal mandates and laws rather than actually opposing them.

The nation may well be numbed already to this pressing health care issue. The nation may well have moved on from this battle following the heated engagement of 2010, resistance appears shallow. Americans are such that they tire easily of controversy. The republicans will be expected to “fix” Obamacare, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Can you picture our RINOs actually standing strong against the withering criticism of the democrats and their media? I can’t.

If Hillary wins, the republican response will simply be, “well, the people have spoken, Clinton is president and the people therefore want more and more government, who are we to stand in their way?” It will be easy for them to rationalize after the media trots out one sad sack sob story after another of suffering Americans who need immediate relief, immediate government action to “save” their healthcare.

That long term, you wait 6 months for a life saving operation that causes your death before it takes place, or you basically stay at the hospital to tend to your loved ones, bringing them food and drink from McDonalds, or you go home to spend your remaining months on pain killers instead of real corrective treatment really won’t affect their thinking, that’s too long term. The short term goal will be to do “something” and get the media off their backs.

If hillary wins, don’t look for a republican congress to save the day, they’ve given up their constitutional “check” and “balance” on the other two branches years ago. They’ll insist that we must wait now another four years in hopes of capturing the whitehouse, except the next time they actually might support the republican nominee if he’s not too much of a boat rocker.

I suppose that if there is one bright spot to a Hillary presidency is that the New Peoples United States of America will collapse very quickly, much more quickly than the decades long collapse of Europe.

The Obama presidency has demonstrated that our nation as we’ve known it is basically gone. We really are that “nation of fools” and a Hillary presidency will prove beyond doubt that the nation has fallen over the cliff.

So, how can we see any light in this tunnel or what is the silver lining of this cloud? Let’s don’t fool ourselves, all of the alternatives will involve lots of discomfort, displacement and pain.

I assume (or at least desperately hope) that a number of states will at some point say “no”. No, you can’t disarm us, no we won’t allow perverts into girls bathrooms and while we’re at it, forget the pervert marriages, no we’re building real power plants, not covering our landscape with wind mills and solar panels, etc.

All of this will occur within the next decade as liberals will flood our nation with another ten million foreigners, destroy the nation’s power grid, foist more radical deviancy (although what’s left on that score?) upon us and some states, the deep blue states will outlaw private ownership of firearms. It will follow the continued hollowing out of our military and the big two things that will happen simultaneously will be the great great economic depression with social unrest as the parasite class revolts and starts burning their cities.

The seeds of all these have now sprouted and its not a matter of if, but when. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the FED and the world for that matter has managed to keep America afloat. Foreign nations, particularly China, are draining the last fluids of our wealth from our veins and the liberals have stirred up the blacks to the point that its now becoming a hot shooting war.

Note that liberals now claim “Blue” is “white”.
There is absolutely no way, absolutely impossible for liberals to control what they are unleashing. Everything that motivates them is nothing but leftist academic theory that has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried. At every step they will make the wrong decisions. All of Hillary’s “experience” has done nothing but prepare her for making wrong decisions. And if it isn’t painfully obvious by now, the GOP in Washington are less that worthless, they’re dangerous.

So, it truly is now or never. Hope or despair awaits us. What are we down to now, 18 days?

A Demon Sizing Hillary Up

o1  Scary


o2  Scarier


o3  Scariest

You may recall this scene from the Democrat National Convention when the two crazed lunatics both appeared on the stage at the same time.  The above pictures appeared in a number of conservative publications, most were intrigued by a very clear hole that appeared in Hillary’s tongue in close up, not shown above.

Then it began to dawn on many that there was a certain demonic appearance about these two.

One can virtually see the demon that possesses Obama measuring up his next residence.  I suppose I mean that somewhat half-heartedly, but in all honesty, it may well be absolutely true.  What Christian who truly believes God’s word could possibly deny the existence of demons?  Of Satan?  If the dark forces want to destroy humanity, corrupt them, drive them deeper and deeper into depravity and sin, who would be the most important person in the world to either greatly influence or actually possess?

I don’t think any biblical Christian actually believes Obama is a true christian despite his words to the contrary.  It really isn’t a matter of judging although some waffle on the point, its simply a matter of believing what God has to say a true Christian is.  Obama denies almost every point of biblical christianity.

During his life, what did he do that could open himself up to demonic influence if not outright possession?  A warped childhood under the influence of a family godless Marxists and “uncle Frank”?  His immersion into the drug culture? His infatuation with islam?  His pursuit of godless marxism in college and beyond and now his all out embrace of western “liberalism”?

The bible says we can know one by their fruits. Obama has been the nation’s number one high profile attack dog against biblical christianity and the true God.  Perverts using the girl’s room and lighting the whitehouse with the rainbow light, what more needs be said on this point?  Just because in our “modern” day of “enlightenment” we are being led to deny the supernatural and the existence and work of satanic forces doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are quite real. The scriptures teach that as the end times draw nigh demonic activities will increase.


The Media Keeps Hillary Propped Up

Does anyone think the media are overplaying their hand in their zeal to see Hillary Clinton as our next president?  They’re actually embarrassing themselves, but their foolishness may work to Trump’s advantage, as the only institution in America with a lower approval rating that the U.S. Congress is our fourth estate, the press.  It has reached a point now, that whoever or whatever they’re cheering for has the opposite effect of driving most Americans to the contrary position, whether the global warming hoax they advocate for or the presidency of Hillary Clinton.

I’ve come up with a new name for RINOs who run at the first sign of trouble, they’re the “LGBT Brigade” in Trump’s army.  These weasels pay lip service to supporting Trump but jump on whatever liberal bandwagon that comes along as it assaults Trump.  These poor RINOs just can’t get a break.  On one hand they really don’t want to alienate the majority of Americans, yet on the other they crave positive attention from the liberal press.  In presidential election years, there’s just no middle ground for them.

Anyone who has ever been in the military, myself included, or any rational American knows that homosexuals and other deviants are just taking up space in the military, being used as liberal pawns as they attempt to reengineer the military after their own vision to be weak, incoherent and ineffectual.  The deviant bunch are all in favor of military service as long as they can get every accommodation they want and draw a very generous paycheck for doing very little.  RINOs play a similar part in the republican party, they take up space as they ride in the wagon and neither push nor pull.

What we have witnessed over the past week has been a brilliant psychological operation played out with near perfection by the democrat party.  The republican national convention was generally well received by the American people and Trump was presented as a very capable candidate.  Cruz did some damage with his treachery, but all in all, Trump had a very good week.

The democrat convention, not so much.  It started off with Moochelle giving her speech to start off the prime time coverage whining about living in the Whitehouse that slaves built and it went downhill after that.  For those with the stomach to watch it, mothers of dispatched thugs, including the mothers of Obama’s adopted son Trayvon and sweet cuddly big Mike Brown unbelievably had their turns at the democrat podium.  Obviously, the democrats were positioning themselves well on the side of the Black Thugs Matter movement and stand in opposition to our nation’s law enforcement and law and order itself.

Do you realize that democrats are glorifying black thugs whose “killers” were exonerated in front of a jury or cleared by determined (to see them hanged) prosecutors overseen by a radical DOJ out for cop’s blood? What they are saying is that the overall society is responsible for their deaths, i.e., “white” society is responsible for their deaths.

Did you, perchance, convince Obama’s son, sweet Trayvon to jump the “white” hispanic and start bashing his head against the concrete? Did any of you talk lovable teddy bear “L’il” Mike Brown to strong arm a defenseless much smaller white kid as he robbed his store? Did you encourage “L’il” Mike to assault the cop and attempt to disarm him?

Failing and failed black “youth” only have two things to blame for their plight, themselves and their community. Only 30 percent have their father at home, their peers make it almost impossible for them to act “white”, that is to say, civilized, to obey rules, to study in school, to aspire to make anything out of themselves over than thugs.

What the democrats are glorifying should be condemned. Excusing criminal and thuggish behavior only creates more of it. We do need “law and order” and no, that’s not racist, that’s just what everyone else with some desire to be productive citizens engage in and advocate.

The crowning achievement of the DNC was the ploy to have Khizr Khan speak and attack Donald Trump for wanting to prevent unvetted muslims from entering our nation, the same unusually violent strain of muslim that killed his very son.

The last two weeks tells a tale of two political parties and one media.

Four Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya in a most foul way by islamic butchers.

The day after that Hillary informs spawn Chelsea and the leader of Egypt that it was a terrorist assault.

A few days after that Hillary promises the mothers of those slain in Libya that a nobody made a movie critical of Mo and that the government would take any and all measures to make sure he pays.

Days and weeks after that, obama, Hillary, Susan Rice and other administration clowns continued the lie about the “movie maker”.

Much later, just recently, Hillary now calls the “gold star” mothers of those slain in Benghazi, liars, claiming she never told them that, that they “misunderstood”. The media yawns and gives about 70 seconds coverage to these suffering mothers.

The Khan’s son was an officer in the U.S. Army and was blown up in Iraq by savage killers in 2004.

More than a decade later, Khan, a Pakistani, radicalized by way of Saudi Arabia, now a citizen of the United States starts a political organization to facilitate muslim immigration and further to strongly “encourage” them to vote democrat.

Mr. Khan is invited to give a speech at the DNC in order to pound Trump who only wants to keep unvetted muslims from Sharia compliant nations out until “things can be figured out”.

Khan, obviously totally ignorant of the constitution, other than it is a little booklet he can lift up as a prop, declares that the United States must have open borders according to the constitution, that the rest of the world has a constitutional right to pile in on us. He criticizes Trump for attempting to save the nation from the very sort of savage that killed his son.  The mothers get 70 seconds of media coverage following their speeches, Khan has received countless hours so far and still counting.

Hillary now calls some “Gold Star” mothers liars, Trump merely wants to keep safe all Americans, including the muslims who are here.

No one criticizes Hillary, but Trump is being pilloried from all sides 24/7. Why is that?

The answer of course, is that democrats want millions of muslims in our midst in order to harvest their violence and hatred of Christianity and focus it on the continued destruction of American culture.  Obama, Hillary, democrats and several RINOs keep talking about allowing tens of thousands more of these unvetted muslims from the middle east into our country.  Do you realize that we could keep 12 muslims safe in their own regions, in safe zones if we would only create them, for what it costs to bring just one to our shores?

This isn’t rocket science.  It’s just plain old common sense.  America does not need a single muslim in our country in order to improve itself.  Democrats are diluting America on purpose.  Traditional, constitution and freedom loving Americans have long rejected the democrat message.  Now it is only being supported by their minorities who’ve they convinced to hate America and our own youth who are being programmed in the democrat “education” mills.

Liberalism is the disease, I am the Cure