Trump Derangement Syndrome

It seems to me that “everybody” on “our” side that suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) portrays Trump in the worst possible light on any issue. Sure, Cruz should be our next president and is by far the most perfect conservative candidate in the race. That said, Trump has some very very good positions and some he has long held.

To hear so many talk (or write), on day one of the presidency Trump is going to jump up and down in glee and say “I fooled you rubes!! I fooled you rubes!!” and then nominate Barry Obama to the supreme court to replace Scalia.

If you will be honest and notice, almost at every turn, Trump keeps edging toward the conservative position on virtually every issue.  I think part of this is that he is learning.  Coming from a lifetime of business to politics and ALL of the issues, there is a learning curve.

My last remaining concern was his judicial appointments. For the past few weeks however, when asked, he lifts up Scalia and Thomas as the mold, the type he will pick.  Do you think he’s just going to throw a dart at the list of all federal lower court judges to pick one? Or will he seek counsel, apparently from the likes of Jeff Sessions.

Did you notice the hedge he made in the last debate about social security.  He basically said he would not change anything unless he had to.  He left open the possibility.  Well, when he sees all of the facts, when its certain demise is clearly pointed out to him unless something gives, will he change his mind?  P.S., unless the GOP scraps the filibuster in the senate, we’re just urinating in the wind on this issue anyway.  I do hope we scrap the filibuster or Trump or any other republican won’t get anything done anyway.

It appears that Trump groupies see what they want to see, but also his detractors see what they want to see. Trump has his faults, but he also has one thing in short supply, courage.  And some really big issues, ones that pose an existential threat to this nation, he has led the way, the invasion of the illegals for instance.

The sky is not going to fall with a Trump presidency and we will be infinitely better off and perhaps on the road to some recovery.  With Hillary, then 2016 marks the date that America ended. This date will go down in the annals of history along with 476, regarded as the end of the Western Roman Empire, as arguably the two most critical years of the past 2,000.

Not supporting and voting Trump if he even gets the most delegates is not an option. Its nothing but silly fear mongers now to read that we risk losing the house and senate. I actually think Trump will attract so many middle and democrat voters that our numbers may actually increase. Besides, who has the greater blame, Trump or the RINOs who infest Washington for their low popularity?

Our enemies know who to play the propaganda games. Too many are wringing their hands on our side, quick to join in with the radical leftists that Trump is racist.  Making American Great Again is racist? They view this a code for returning America to an all white nation. When did Trump ever say or even hint at such a thing? These radicals are out there for one purpose, to drive the number one play in the democrat play book that all republicans are racist, that the GOP is the party of whites only.  If its not Trump, then they will start on Cruz rallies.  That’s their plan that’s their game, they’ve said as much.

We can know someone by their enemies and since I despise Trump’s anti-American, anti-civilization, anti-conservative enemies then that gives me a little warmer feeling about the man who in all likelihood will by our GOP nominee.

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