Donald Trump is a Racist

Donald Trump is a Racist

Yes, it appears that the mask is off and the truth of rampant republican racism has been revealed.  What so many millions of Americans have known for generations has become undeniable with the blatant assault on minorities in the country by that party’s front runner.  It is apparent that Trump is just not seasoned enough as a republican politician to mask his racism, he has failed to master the use of code words and phrases that most republican politicians have perfected to a fine art.  We witness the nation rising up in anger as his vocal barbs cut Americans who are “different” to the quick and his thuggish followers physically assault those brave enough to speak out, while they peaceably attend his “rallies”, against his outrageous outbursts.

Salmaan Khan, a Ph.D. student in political science at York University, writer for “Counterpunch” on February 22, sums up Donald Trump and his message quite well, writing –

“Make America Great Again”: the official motto of the Trump campaign. Alluding back to the bygone days where America was actually once great. Where or when this was, is never specified, though perhaps it was at the initial moment of colonization and the genocide of indigenous peoples; or on the blood soaked slave plantations; or the imperialist wars; or Jim Crow; or more imperialist wars; or the rich textiled history of racism where white people had all of the power instead of most of it.

Make America Great Again, to a time when its land and liberty, its culture and sensibility was not saturated with the multiplicities of little people that now sully its shores. Make America Great Again, to a time when the great white majority was able to secure itself from the onslaught of Mongol hordes and when the Commander in Chief came from a well-bred family, raised in the cattle fields of the South – nurtured within the ivory halls of the most ideologically complicit institutions. Yes, Make America Great Again, for it is a nation and people now tainted, in need of an exorcism – of a purging.”

Or so the liberal propaganda goes…

As we’ve discussed before here on this site, the liberal plot to destroy America is to divide it into its various ethnic, religious, immoral and racial groups.  First and foremost, the prime play in their playbook is to portray the Republican Party as the party of white racists.  Culturally, it’s just about all that the liberals have left and they intend to milk this all the way to the finish line.

It is of critical importance that normal traditional Americans of all colors and stripes understand the psychological war that is being waged against them in America.  To the liberals there are two main targets, the youth and then the adults and they treat each group much differently.  They understand they actually can create liberals in the youth camp by a number of mind manipulation techniques.

The assault on adults is more along the lines of containment or marginalization through fear and intimidation.  Traditionalists are hamstrung in their thinking by not seeing this big picture, by thinking that liberals and conservatives are similar Americans who want basically the same things, they just have different methods of reaching the same destination.

The truth is that liberals have had a century of learning, planning and executing, step by step, their conquest of America and the Western World in total, for that matter.  We have confused their deliberate plan for our conquest with the notion that they merely, out of the kindness of their hearts, want to improve the lots of our citizens who find themselves in less than optimal conditions.

Liberals have always fostered the notion that they have a heart and conservatives are heartless.  Liberals care, conservatives don’t.  Liberals feel your pain, conservatives could care less.  Liberals are inclusive, conservatives are racists.  Liberals desire to liberate you from any constraints, conservatives insist that we adhere to ancient principles that have no place in this modern enlightened age.

The question we have to ask ourselves is this, have we been the target of a concerted effort by those bent on the destruction of America as we’ve known it?  Can we say that the democrat party has been long conquered by those who our constitution refers to as “domestic enemies”?  Until you can comfortably say yes to these two questions, then you’re still in the dark.  You are still under a certain measure of mind control and manipulation by these enemies.

Obviously, critical to their success, the enemy must conceal his methods of conquest, they must keep as many Americans in “the dark” as possible.  The more Americans who awaken to the danger is just one more who is capable of joining in the resistance to the enemy.

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