Revolution – a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system – conjures up images of a banana republic where the “strongman” overthrows the existing government at the end of a gun and institutes totalitarian control over the hapless nation.  Revolution in the United States brings to our remembrance our own “Revolutionary War” where we did, indeed forcibly overthrow the British government and instituted ultimately our constitutional republic that served our nation very well for nearly two centuries, with a hiccup or two along the way.

So, why do we need a revolution now?  Are we at the critical crossroad that a forcible overthrow of our government is required?  Aren’t we still the United States of America, still a constitutional republic?  Well, are we?  Is our government as currently constituted the government our founders envisioned and put in place?  Is our social order of the kind that served our nation very well for most of its history?  If your answer is NO to both of those questions, then what options do we have to return to what we once were?  We have only two choices, we can either change through the ballot box or through a forced change by unconventional political means.

There is a battle that has raged for some time in our nation, a battle that traditional Americans at first scoffed at, then gradually began to understand as all that made this nation great has been witnessed to have been stripped away, one plank at a time.

Pat Buchanan warned of the war that has been thrust upon us by those who want to transform America during his 1992 Republican National Convention speech when he said,

“Friends, this election is about more than who gets what.  It is about who we are.  It is about what we believe and what we stand for as Americans.  There is a religious war going on in this country.  It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as the Cold War itself.  For this is war is for the soul of America.”

As you may recall if you’re old enough, Mr. Buchanan was roundly scoffed at by democrats, their media and the republican establishment types.  They viewed as foolishness, Mr. Buchanan’s assertion that a “war” of this sort raged within our borders.  Now, nearly a quarter century later, recreational drug use is legal in two states, sodomy has been legalized and of course recently the “right” to marry has been granted to homosexuals by Supreme Court diktat, while Christianity, the founding ethos of our nation is increasingly being criminalized.

This and subsequent writings really aren’t intended to address silly liberal arguments intended to appeal to their cult followers.  This site is not a racist sight.  Great Americans of all races and persuasions do participate in what I call traditional America and are as offended as I am at what our nation is quickly becoming.  Yes, many of our founding fathers were slave owners.  Slavery was a very common practice in all corners of the world.  The serious minded knows that it was almost exclusively British and American Christians that led the battle against the scourge of slavery which finally ended it in the civilized west.

Yes, we concede that our United States Constitution allowed for slavery and yes, African slaves were only counted as 3/5ths of a person which liberals would deceptively claim meant that they were something less than human.  However, the serious and truthful mind knows that fraction was intended to limit the total population of the slave holding states and thus reduce their number of congressmen.  It was intended NOT to allow more political power to reside in the slave states unfairly, simply off the backs of their slaves.  Yes, we concede that the democrat party was the party of slavery and the lighter but still ugly subjugation of the African population following the Civil War for nearly a century until various infringements on their rights as citizens were finally abolished a half century ago.

The United States is not heaven, it has always been populated by fallible men, but men like the world has never known before in such a concentration in one place.  Men that had a vision to create something very unique, something very powerful as it unleased the unlimited potential of humanity in an environment of freedom and peace under the morally straight structure of Christianity.  For all of its real and imagined flaws, nothing has ever existed in the annals of history like the United States of America.  Liberals destroy it at their peril and the peril of the whole world itself.

It was Robert H. Jackson who said,

“whenever we reproach our own imperfections, as we ought often to do, we must not forget that our shortcomings are visible only when measured against our ideals, never when put beside the practical living conditions of the rest of the world. We have by Constitution, by legislation, and by judicial decision translated the Declaration out of the language of abstract philosophy into the idiom of everyday living. We have validated democratic principles by our success.”

Is there a need at this moment in time to radically alter the present course of our nation?  Those who have their eyes open, I believe, will say yes.  Following chapters will present the case that drastic measures are now needed before the grand experiment known as the United States of America comes to an end.  The clock is striking midnight and the bell has pealed out 11 tolls of the 12 already.

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